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Marisa Mell Photo Memoir - Entry 001 - The Younger Years

Young Marisa with Mother circa 1945
Well, as such is the case with most journey's it's probably best to start at the beginning.  Very little is known about the early life of Austrian actress Marisa Mell (born Marlies Theres Moitzi), such as who were her parents and did she have siblings?  As far as I know there's even very little, if any, published images of Marisa Mell as a child, which made my discovery of the first series of photos I'll be sharing this week a rather unexpected surprise.

I believe our first photo to be a very young Marisa Mell with her mother.  Unfortunately these childhood photos I have appear to be 30 year old copies, all with the date December 8, 1983 printed on the back.  The images themselves would have to be around 40 years older, as Marisa was born in 1939 and she's probably somewhere between the age of 5 to 7 in this picture which would date it somewhere in the mid 1940's.  Anyhow it's an extremely rare glimpse at the young Marisa Mell, which to the best of my knowledge has not been widely seen before.

Marisa Mell with Mother and dog circa likely late 1970s-80's
To help confirm the identity of the woman in the picture as being Marisa Mell's mother, I was able to find the photo directly above on a German webpage, with the file name of "Marisa Mell 'mutter'" (mother in German).  She appears to be a pretty close resemblance to the younger woman in my photo.  That webpage also leaves the impression Marisa was an only child (as no siblings are mentioned), and her father either died or abandoned them, due to rocky German to English translation I cannot be sure which.  The dog in the photo is most likely Mell's, as through some further research I was able to find out she had an Afghan hound named Rocco.  This also helps to confirm some suspicions I have regarding the original ownership of these photos, and that they very well may have belonged to Marisa Mell, or even I suppose her mother. As this collection has numerous 110 film negatives and other personal camera photos solely of a dog that looks very similar to the one in the picture.

So the mystery thickens!  Until next time...

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