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Marisa Mell Photo Memoir - Entry 004 - Christmas With Marisa

Christmas with Marisa - Giancarlo Botti circa 1964
Here's an image that would have fit in nicely last month, but seeing that it's still winter why not debut it now?  This is one of the larger photos in the collection, so large I wasn't even able to scan the entire thing.  Out of three photos from the same shoot this was the one that stood out the most to me.  Marisa all decked out for the Christmas season.  

Google maps image of the address on the back of the photo.
On the flip side, like most professionally shot foreign photos there's some information which is always interesting to look up, helps to add a little more history to the photo. The back is stamped with the following:
monique valentin
10, rue richer
paris-9 - pro. 64-02
photos giancarlo botti  
The place where this was printed appears to still be in existence, and I estimate the age of the photo to be somewhere around 1964, at least that's what I assume the 64 stands for in "64-02".
Romy Schneider in her popular 1974 photo-shoot with Botti.
In a quick Google search of the names, Monique Valentin didn't turn up much, it appears she was somewhat of a photographer and took a few photos of some famous stars but I believe the photographer of this particular photo-shoot to be Giancarlo Botti, who had a much more well known career.  His 1974 seductive 8-hour session with actress Romy Schneider appears to be one of his more popular shoots.  He also has an extensive library of photos with Brigitte Bardot and a slew of other popular actresses in Italy at the time.

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