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Marisa Mell Photo Memoir - Entry 006 - Wedding Bells?

Marisa Mell with possible husband Henri Tucci circa 1959
Marisa Mell had many infamous relationships throughout her career but was only married once.  Her marriage with director Henri Tucci spanned about a four year period from 1959-1963, right at the start of her career.  While Tucci is referred to in a few brief blurbs as a director I've not been able to find anything about what he actually directed, so it's probably safe to assume it wasn't films, but more likely theater.  Aside from numerous sources confirming his brief marriage to Marisa Mell I've also not been able to find anything else on him, even a picture.  So with that said I can't with 100% certainty say the man pictured above is Tucci, but this photo and a couple others I have seem to be within the proper time period of 1959 and definitely could be wedding photos.  So unless someone can provide any evidence to the contrary about the identity of the man, my assumption is at least plausible.

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  1. Henri Tucci is an oncle of mine and my godfathers brother and he was married to Marisa Mell some time before I was born. I can confirm that the man on this picture is definitely Henri Tucci! He still almost looks the same...
    He's no director though and, to my knowledge, has never been. He's still alive and in good health.

    1. Very interesting. Not much not there on the internet about Henri Tucci, so I don't remember now where I found where it said he was a director, did he have anything to do with theater? I'd love to know more about your uncle and Marisa Mell if you be willing to share. Such as how they met. Thanks for confirming his identity!


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