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Marisa Mell Photo Memoir - Entry 007 - School Days

Marisa Mell's private girl's school photo, circa 1950.
Prior to her acting school days with another recognizable beauty (Brigitte Bardot), Marisa Mell appears in the front row, far left in the above class photo from her all girl Catholic school days.  Very little (if anything) is widely known about Marisa's pre-acting school days, but I thought this photo to be an interesting tie in to probably the most interesting non-photo item in this collection... Marisa Mell's 3rd grade progress report!

Marisa Mell's 3rd grade progress report card dated 1951.
Old photo's of your favorite actors or actresses are great, but how many people (who aren't related to a film star) can say they have one of their favorite actresses report cards!?!  Above appears to be a mid year progress report card for Maria Moitzi aka Marisa Mell, dated Febuary 10, 1951 for the private secondary school for girls located in Steiermark (also known as Styria) in Austria.  The report has been folded once in each direction probably by Marisa Mell herself to stick it in her pocket on her way home from school!  The scan includes my rough translation from German to English showing that overall Marisa appeared to be a very well behaved average student. She scored "good" in most subjects; excelled in religion (which I found interesting), music and physical education; satisfactory in English language and external form of work (I assume that's probably quality of work); and barely passing math.  Not too surprising that Marisa's aspirations were more geared toward acting!  I have no idea if the class photograph is in the same time period as this report card but it wouldn't be a stretch.  In 1951 Marisa Mell would have been 12 years old, that doesn't look too far off from the age of the girls in the photo.

Google Maps info on the address located on the report card.
The final interesting tie-in to all this is I managed to find the school she attended from the address at the top right hand corner of the report card.  Located in Graz, Austria at Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 16 is a Catholic church and the home of the all girls private Catholic school she attended, loosely translated the "Institute of the School Sisters to Graz".  

Website for the Chuch referring to the school, translated via Google Chrome.
While all this is only a glimmer of the younger years of Marisa Mell it's a few rarely seen memories of her past before her launch into stardom, for better or for worse.  It also helps to make a pretty strong case that this collection of photographs really did belong to Marisa or her only other immediate relative, her mother.  Regardless, it's a fascinating piece of Mell-morabilia that until this time probably hasn't been seen by but a handful of people.

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