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Marisa Mell Photo Memoir - Entry 008 - Music Career

Marisa Mell posing on motorcycle in leather jacket for the cover of her album.
It's been a while since our last look at some relatively scarce Marisa Mell photos.  But my recent acquisition of Marisa's lone vinyl single, Lady O/Slave of Love, sent me back looking through my collection to discover a couple more interesting pieces.  

Marisa Mell sitting on a motorcycle dressed in leather with red high heels.
Test shot for vinyl cover.
In the late 1970's Marisa Mell's film career was coming to a slow down, she was pretty much broke and ended up accepting to do just about anything to make a buck, which included posing in some pretty sleazy magazines.  One of the better things she was given to try her hand at was a music career.  A producer by the name of Ralph Siegel, offered her an opportunity which he hoped, based on her prior popularity, would lead to something big, it never did.

Marisa Mell and a crowd of people leaving a party to celebrate the release of her record, which can be seen in her hand.
Marisa leaving a restaurant with single in hand, probably a launch party.
Outside the location for the party to celebrate the release of her album.
Marisa posing for photos with vinyl cover in hand.
Much like a Marisa Mell poster sparked my interest in vintage Italian film posters, Marisa Mell strikes once again and has fueled my interest into vinyl records.  I originally planned to use the single as a display piece, but my curiosity got the better of me and I went out and bought a turntable, only to be pleasantly surprised that vinyl indeed sounds better than CD!  While Lady O/Slave of Love is nothing to call home about, it was a treat to hear Marisa's voice (it's sometimes hard to tell if she's being dubbed in some of her English films) and even more of a treat to learn both songs were in English!  Out of the two tracks Slave of Love is my favorite, and actually quite catchy.  When time permits, I'll attempt a recording of both tracks (as my turntable has a usb connection for recording to MP3) and upload them for you all to check out. Until then the above three pics give a glimpse into Marisa Mell's extremely brief career as a singer.  If you're a Mell fan and own some vinyl, it's worth finding a copy for a few dollars to add to your collection.  Until next time...

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