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Lots of changes have been occurring over the last couple of years.  And as you can see this blog hasn't been updated very much in the last few years.  We wanted to inform our readers and any new visitors that essentially this blog is done.  Any new content will now be posted over at Voluptuous Vinyl Records, a new website we've partnered with where you can not only continue to read any new content we post but find a slew of related items like original international movie posters, photos, magazines and vinyl records that we believe tie into the interests of our readers.

This web location will stay open for the purposes of an archive of our past reviews, but any new posts and the continuation of series (like the Barbara Bouchet Film Series) will continue over at the new location.  We encourage you to check out the new website, it is still very much in it's infancy but there is so much planned and we feel this location gives us a lot more room to grow into something more than just another cult film blog!

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