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Barbara Bouchet: Picture of the Week #16

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With a lot of things on my plate I decided it's probably best not to put more on it than I can handle, so for the time being we'll be focusing on the Barbara Bouchet series and maybe a few other things, instead of branching out the Answer's Angel section as I previously was interested in doing.  In the Bouchet series we're on the cusp of breaking into the meaty roles with Barbara's first starring role coming up in our next review.  But before we get there I'm in the process of updating some of the side sections in the series, like the poster section, to catch up with where we're at in the films, as I know I'll never catch up if I let it get too far behind.  So for the time being I re-activating the Picture of the Week section, bringing you some deliciously rare photos of the lovely actress.

The picture for this week is a production photo from the last TV series appearance we reviewed a few weeks back from Tarzan.  A very hard to find TV series and not many photos seem to be floating around out there except a typical few.

Promotional photo for Tarzan TV series with special guest Barbara Bouchet.

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