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Career Opportunities (1991)

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

There's a little twinkle of hope for those outcast night cleanup boys who spend the lonely nights cleaning large retail store chains around the world. If you're truly lucky you might stumble upon the lovely Jennifer Connelly while goofing off and totally neglecting your responsibilities. But while that will probably never happen, it of course never hurts to dream.

Career Opportunities is a strange film, entertaining, yet a little strange. The film is centered around a loud mouth 21 year old guy named Jim Dodge. Jim's life is not entirely based on reality because he spends most of his time weaving false stories around town in an attempt to impress people. Ultimately it leads him to get fired from all his jobs (because he doesn't work) and puts him on the fence with his father who is about ready to send him packing to St. Louis. Then Jim gets a job working at Target as a night janitor, and his life takes a turn for the better.

One thing Jim did not expect to find on his first night was the lovely Josie McClellan (Jennifer Connelly), who was locked in the store while contemplating shop lifting. Josie is the daughter of a wealthy real estate owner in the city, but her father is a complete jerk and therefore Josie has resorted to rebellion and getting herself into trouble to embarrass and persecute her father. The two outcasts seem to hit it off quite well, even though Josie's rich and Jim is poor. Their lives seem to be stuck in the same rut and sometimes all you need is someone in the same situation to help pull you out. Things seem to go relatively well for the two as they waste the night away, until two wanted idiotic thieves spoil their fun.

As I said before Career Opportunities is a strange film. As a whole the film is kind of a mess, the editing is off with certain outlandish scenes spliced throughout the film which make absolutely no sense and almost appear to be dream sequences but turn out not to be. The funky jazz music throughout the film is loud, distracting and completely out of place, and the story itself is really very mediocre and strange. But in the end its chaos and sporadic storyline make for a surprisingly entertaining comedy.

On the positive side, Career Opportunities is filled with cameos and bit parts by well known actors, the laughs are quite frequent, and Jennifer Connelly is completely drop dead gorgeous. The film actually moves quite fast, and I was even a little disappointed when it ended because it really seems like the conclusion was quite rushed. The acting is actually pretty good, and if anything the film is worth watching it's the scenes consisting of Jennifer skating around the store and riding the mechanical horse, which was clearly put in the film for a reason. In the end, Career Opportunities is a crazy little film many people have probably not heard of or seen. It may not be for everyone but if your a fan of corny early 90's romantic comedies Career Opportunities might satisfy a fix for you. If anything it's a must see for Jennifer Connelly fans and I guarantee after watching this film you'll never look at a mechanical horse the same way again!


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