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Lots of changes have been occurring over the last couple of years.  And as you can see this blog hasn't been updated very much in the last few years.  We wanted to inform our readers and any new visitors that essentially this blog is done.  Any new content will now be posted over at Voluptuous Vinyl Records, a new website we've partnered with where you can not only continue to read any new content we post but find a slew of related items like original international movie posters, photos, magazines and vinyl records that we believe tie into the interests of our readers.

This web location will stay open for the purposes of an archive of our past reviews, but any new posts and the continuation of series (like the Barbara Bouchet Film Series) will continue over at the new location.  We encourage you to check out the new website, it is still very much in it's infancy but there is so much planned and we feel this location gives us a lot more room to grow into something more than just another cult film blog!
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Colpo rovente [Red Hot Shot] (1970)

For fans of the euro-crime genre this is a rare one that ticks all the boxes of a true Italian crime film, drugs, gangs, girls, and guns.  Unfortunately the film never gained the recognition it deserved and almost appeared to be intentionally shunned.

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Actress Spotlight #2 - Caroline Munro

Born January 16, 1949 in England, like many other B-movie actresses Munro began her career in modeling.  At the age of 17 she obtained her first modeling job at Vogue Magazine, and would later move to London to pursue other higher echelon opportunities in modeling and television advertising.
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Stoney (1969)

Barbara Bouchet looks seductive and shows some cleavage, from the film Stoney 1969
Barbara Bouchet as Irene Stone "Stoney".  Uses her "assets" to get some pull with the local authorities.

Stoney or (The Surabaya Conspiracy) marks Barbara Bouchet's first starring role.  She plays Irene Stone, a woman who travels to war torn Surabaya, Philippines with the hope of recovering a wealth of treasure hidden in a vault under the town Commissioner's swimming pool.  Made during the time period in American B-movie history where it was extremely popular to make films in the Philippines (because it was so cheap) Stoney suffers from a story so full of plot holes it might as well be called Swiss cheese.

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4 Fantastic Italian Film Posters - Vampire Themed Vol. 1

There are two things that go hand in hand with film; art & music.  Music compliments a film, gives life to the story, you could even make the case that without music film would be non-existent as the two have always been essentially paired together.  But art (and when I refer to art I'm speaking of poster/advertising art), has the tremendous responsibility of attempting to grab your attention and provoke a response that will in turn cause you to want to see that film.  Today the film trailer has pretty much usurped that role.  Posters are not so much an art-form but a cookie cutter Photoshop job used for internet advertising.  But 40-50 years ago when there was no internet, and film trailers were typically only shown in the theaters, film studios relied on posters as a main avenue of advertising.  Because of this real effort was put into making some extraordinary advertising, especially for the horrible films.  If you look back through the history of poster art some of the coolest posters were for some of the worst films, B-Movie's for example boast some of the best and collectible art around.  This proved how powerful the poster truly was.
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