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Swimfan (2002)

Ah, the age old question... why are the beautiful ones always the craziest?  It's always the hot girls who are high maintenance, overly jealous and sometimes just certifiably insane.  I guess they get away with it because they've got something going for them, sex appeal, and many guys will gladly put up with horrible behavior from a supermodel that would ordinarily keep an average girl home alone on a Friday night.  Psycho chicks have been a staple in film history for the last couple of decades, breaking out in full force with Sharon Stone in Fatal Attraction.  The only rule to abide by is don't get involved, don't partake of the forbidden fruit, because if you do your life will turn into a living Hell.

Swimfan is your teenage version of Fatal Attraction. Ben Cronin (Jesse Bradford) has straightened his life out through the support of his long time girlfriend and his love and talent of swimming.  It wasn't too long ago Ben was spending six months in juvenile detention for drug addiction, but that's a past he doesn't plan on revisiting he only wants a simple, normal and enjoyable life.  But as the school's star swimmer Ben soon discovers himself in hot water once again as a new transfer student, Madison Bell (Erika Christensen), locks her sights on him and doesn't back down.

At first Ben's a little turned on by Madison's flirtatious nature towards him, leading him to succumb to her seductions in the high-school pool (classy), but once their one night stand is over they both agree never to discuss it again and just be friends... does that ever work?  But Madison turns out the be the type of girl who says she just wants to be friends and then stalks you the rest of your life.  As Ben continues to turn down her subsequent advances with more fervor Madison steps up her game and begins to make life very difficult for him by turning everyone against him and going to whatever lengths necessary to do it, even if it means murder.

Swimfan is by no means original but I found myself oddly enamored by the film's predictable progression as Madison goes from super hot chick to serial killer.  Erika Christensen was well cast for the role, slightly resembling Sharon Stone, and definitely had the sexy / creepy look down pat.  Call Swimfan one of my new guilty pleasures if you must, but it has all the ingredients of a decent thriller without the usual Sharon Stone slime that similar film's usually bring to the table, which is probably the reason most people don't like this.  Overall, it's a perfect film for a Friday night, nothing great but it's an entertaining little film with a enough grit to make it interesting.



  1. This film sucks! But I will say it is entertaining, and it brings me back to the days when I was so obsessed with this movie when it first came out!

  2. @CMrok93 - is that like an oxymoron? Like Jumbo Shrimp... it "sucks" but it's entertaining! I think this film is far from B-movie status, so I can't say it's so bad to a point it's entertaining, I really don't think it's that bad of a film, a little campy maybe but not "sucks" status.


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