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Midnights With Monica - Part I

October 3rd - October 8th

I've been hinting at this for sometime and was originally planning to unveil it upon the launch of the new website, but since that's been pushed back a while decided to give this new series a trial run.  I must admit I'm not a BIG fan of Monica Bellucci, she's definitely gorgeous but I would not consider her one of my favorite actresses... so why a series devoted her?  The brief answer, I'm in an Italian film mood as of late.  As I've mentioned before an old mid 1960's Italian horror film (Nightmare Castle) which essentially bolstered my interest in a whole new world of films, and led me to what's become some of my favorite hidden gems in Hammer (cult British film company), Giallo (Italian Thrillers) and Euro-spy (Italian spy films), which I've highly enjoyed and in them have discovered a whole new array of actors and actresses I never knew existed.  So I was thinking, what embodies Italian cinema today?  And when I think of Italian cinema within the last twenty years the biggest name that comes to mind is Monica Bellucci.

Midnights With Monica is a catchy little name I settled upon, but does have a purpose.  For a week every midnight during October 3rd-8th I'll post a review or entry dedicated to Monica Bellucci.  I've settled on a week because that seemed like the best amount of time and a week's worth of posts is about as many as I could prepare ahead of time.  If interest continues on my end and yours then this has the possibility of becoming a multiple part series that will reappear every once in a while.  Each part will encompass three film reviews in the style of my Barbara Bouchet series, being Bellucci films in chronological order (as listed on and three posts that will be hybrids of the sporadically reoccurring Green Tip of the Day, Into the Wilde, and Barbara Bouchet Pic of the Week.

I must say I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed watching the first three films, especially considering they were all in Italian and two of them had no English subtitles.  So this should be an interesting experience and hopefully a fun little read for those of you who are big fans of Monica Bellucci, and who knows maybe I'll become one to.


  1. in an off-topic, I just wanted to say that I adore me some Daniel Powter!

  2. @Dezmond - I like Bad Day and Jimmy Gets High, but can't think think of any of the other songs I really like... might have to listen to the album again.

  3. I meant more him as HIM, than his songs :P


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