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In case you didn't notice the Facebook button on the sidebar, I've now gone over to the dark-side and become another Facebook droid like everyone else I've secretly made fun of in the past.  If you're interested in following me over there feel free.  I will be frequently posting small tidbits of information, photos and videos relevant to this blog, as well as previews of things to come.  Since I don't have the time to frequently write new reviews as much as I'd like I figured this would be a nice outlet to post small items of information or things of interest and not clog up this site with them.  I'd also be interested in any recommendations for films to check out or cult international actresses that I should look into, and I think the Facebook page would be more conducive for people to do that.  The current page address, (until I get around to changing it to something without all the numbers) is:

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