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100 Rifles (1969)

Official movie poster for 100 Rifles starring Raquel Welch
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trying to find a decent Raquel Welch film is obviously going to be a lot harder than I first imagined. I had high hopes for 100 Rifles, even Netflix said I'd probably like this film (and they're usually not wrong), but I guess I should have realized I was in for something pretty terrible with a western starring Hall of Fame football player Jim Brown.

Joe and Lyedecker find themselves handcuffed together.
100 Rifles stars Jim Brown, Burt Reynolds and the lovely Raquel Welch. Reynolds plays an Indian known as Joe Herrera, who has recently robbed a bank in Phoenix Arizona and used the money to purchase rifles for his people to help defend against the Mexicans. Jim Brown is Lyedecker, a sheriff whose been sent into Mexico to bring Joe back to the United States to face trial. But bringing Joe back isn't going to be such an easy task, he's not the only one who wants him. The Mexican government is bent on eradicating the Indians and when they learn of Joe purchasing weapons for them, they capture Lyedecker and Joe in an attempt to obtain the rifles before they're used against them. The two are rescued by Sarita (Raquel Welch), and with a little convincing Lyedecker agrees to help Sarita and Joe defend the Indians against the Mexican government.

Raquel Welch stands under a water tower showering as a distraction to the oncoming Mexican army.
100 Rifles is a slow and desperately boring film from the get go, the characters are bland, the acting is horrible and the story is about as interesting as a root canal. Attempting to pass off Jim Brown as a sheriff is hilarious, and Burt Reynolds as an Indian is even more unbelievable, the two of them stick out like sore thumbs in this horrible excuse for a western. Raquel Welch is gorgeous as usual but doesn't see much screen time, and with her acting that's not necessarily a bad thing. After about 80 minutes of a lot of useless dialogue and a few mediocre gun fights, it picks up with the final battle, jump started by the highlight if the entire film, Raquel showering under a water tower acting as a distraction for the passing Mexican soldiers. While this helps to ignite a little bit of spark in the last minutes, it in no way redeems the film from being a complete waste of time.


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  1. Me, on the other hand, I loved this movie. haha, pretty wild shower scene for the 60s, huh?

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