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Haunted (1995)

I stumbled upon Haunted a few years ago when I decided to watch some of Kate Beckinsale's earlier films, and was pleasantly surprised at how good a film it turned out to be. Not being a big fan of the horror genre I was happy to discover this film wasn't your typical horror. In fact Haunted is more akin to a thriller or suspense and contains quite a few twists and turns to help make the film more interesting than scary.

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  1. This is a real nice movie. I liked it too. Can you tell me where can I watch it online?


  2. Try searching "watch haunted 1995 online" on you might find something in the first couple hits. As far as streaming it online I don't know, just try different combos of searching. Otherwise give it a rent on Netflix, or even just buy the thing. You can get it cheap on, probably cost you less than the time searching to find it online.

  3. I thought it was great. The cinematography was excellent and the set decorating was artistic and classy. Great dialogue and the lovely Kate Beckinsale was at her best. One of my all-time favorite ghost stories--it seems they could make a sequel to this.


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