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Slave Girls (1967)

While One Million Years B.C. spawned a plethora of copy cats, not even Hammer itself could seem to recreate the cult success of Raquel Welch in an animal skin bikini.  Hammer's multiple attempts at regaining the cult status in some of it's "prehistoric" adventure films didn't seem to pan out too well.  One such film was Slave Girls, filmed with the title Prehistoric Women, produced in succession with and completed prior to One Million Years B.C. made use of it's costumes and one of its supporting cast members, Martine Beswick, yet was not able to gain the same cult status.

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  1. this movie sounds toooo cheesy to be true :))

  2. It's really not that cheesy, I've watched a lot worse.

  3. I'm sure this movie used to turn up regularly on late night television years ago. It seems really familiar!

  4. @Cyberschizoid - really? There's really nothing in this film that warrants a late night airing, it's PG-PG13 material by today's standards. I could see them airing it at night only because they had nothing else to air and most people probably wouldn't bother watching it in the day!


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