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Eva Green

(Last Updated 3/2/13)
Born: July 5, 1980
Location: Paris, France
Quote"I don't want to be a Hollywood star. I just want to do my job and enjoy it. My aim is to find my true identity and to remain true to myself."
Named Answer's Angel: November 20, 2006
Answer's Actress Of The Year: 2006
Special series: The Green Tip For The Day

Eva Green's not your typical actress, her tastes and styles somewhat resemble those of Keira Knightly as she usually selects roles that aren't entirely mainstream and well known.  Casino Royale was Eva's big breakout role which made her a well known actress, but since then she's remained in the shadows doing only a film or so a year.  For Eva's personalty and style of acting it works, and as long as she continues to pick interesting roles I'll always be willing to check them out no matter how independent they might be.  Currently Eva is without a doubt my favorite actress.

Interesting Tidbits:
- Her favorite actors are Orlando Bloom and Edward Norton among others.

- Lost out to Rachel Weisz for the role of Tessa Quayle in The Constant Gardener.

- Was ranked #16 on Maxim's hot list 2006.

Hotness Rating: 10/10
Most people don't have anything good to say about the French, Eva Green is my one good thing, she's simply stunning and very exotic looking, must be the mix of Algerian, Turkish, Swedish, & Spanish blood.

Acting Rating: 10/10
I haven't seen anything in which Eva had a large role that I didn't like.  I consider her one of the best, if not the best, Bond girls ever to grace the franchise, she was remarkable in Kingdom of Heaven and mesmerizing in Franklyn.  Then of course there's that movie The Dreamers... which I haven't seen, but definitely heard plenty about.

Filmography Rating: 7.6/10 (films reviewed are linked)
  1. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2013) .... Ava Lord
  2. 300: Rise of an Empire (2013) .... Artemisia
  3. White Bird in a Blizzard (2013)
  4. Dark Shadows (2012) .... Angelique Bouchard (8/10)
  5. Camelot (2011) .... Morgan
    1. Homecoming (7/10) 
    2. The Sword and the Crown (7/10) 
    3. Guinevere (7/10)
    4. Lady of the Lake (6/10)
    5. Justice (8/10)
    6. Three Journeys (7.5/10)
    7. The Long Night (7/10)
    8. Igraine (6/10)
    9. The Battle of Bardon Pass
    10. Reckoning 
  6. Perfect Sense (2011) .... Susan (8/10)
  7. Womb (2010)  .... Rebecca (7/10)
  8. Cracks (2009) .... Miss G (7/10)
  9. Franklyn (2008) .... Emilia Bryant / Sally (8/10)
  10. The Golden Compass (2007) .... Serafina Pekkala
  11. Casino Royale (2006) .... Vesper Lynd (9/10)
  12. Kingdom of Heaven - Director's Cut (2005) .... Sibylla (10/10)
  13. Kingdom of Heaven (2005) .... Sibylla (9/10)
  14. Arsène Lupin (2004) .... Clarisse de Dreux-Soubise
  15. The Dreamers (2003) .... Isabelle 

Overall Rating


  1. I doubt you ever will, but I'd be incredibly curious to see what you rated if you ever went back and watched her in The Dreamers. I'm guessing a few sex scenes isn't enough to entice you to see art house cinema? :P

    I do like Eva Green, quite a bit to be honest, and I wonder if she's going to stick with smaller films, or try for more mainstream ones. Her role in The Golden Compass was blink and miss. Judging by her upcoming projects she's looking to keep it quasi-indie (in the $5-25mil range) for her film selections.

  2. @Univarn - Out of all the actresses I like Eva is the most consistent in her performances, she's like the female version of Russell Crowe. Judging from the quote I used I would assume she's going to stick to more UK and France based projects, she's not really interested in becoming a big Hollywood actress, which is just another thing that draws me to her, much like Crowe who also doesn't care much for Hollywood.

    I made it half-way through The Golden Compass, I think about that time Eva came and went and I simply gave up on it. I don't like those films to begin with and was watching it solely for her role which didn't seem to be all that large.


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