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Repli-Kate (2002)

Looking for something pointless, corny and amusing I popped in a film I have had sitting around for sometime but never got around to watching, Repli-Kate. Another one in a million films from National Lampoon and those guys that brought you American Pie that I half expected to be completely low budget, ridiculous and horrible. Well surprisingly it was quite entertaining, think Weird Science with two Ali Landry's running around in their underwear... enough said right?

Repli-Kate is about a university lab assistant named Max who has discovered the secret to cloning and invented a machine to do it, problem is his snot nosed boss, Professor Jonas, is taking all the credit for his discovery, and all Max can do is go along with it hoping he'll eventually receive some of the credit he's due. Currently Max is also depressed with his girl problems or lack there of since he has no girlfriend, but that's all about to change when he accidentally clones a beautiful journalist named Kate (Ali Landry) whose blood accidentally gets onto a medical slide and is inserted into the replicator.

Max is now the first person to successfully clone a human being, but quickly discovers that controlling the clone is the difficult part. Without thinking it through Max and his associate Henry decide to turn Repli-Kate into man's perfect woman by teaching her to do and love everything men love. Since Repli-Kate is technically a blank slate she learns rather quickly, but Max soon realizes that having a woman that acts like a man isn't that great after all, Repli-Kate is so self involved and out of control that he's amazed women put up with men in the first place!

But Repli-Kate's personality and manners soon become only one of the many problems he's soon to face as the real Kate (unaware that she has been cloned) returns to the university to continue her article on replicator experiments. Keeping Repli-Kate in check and away from the real Kate proves to be an exhausting process, and when Professor Jonas discovers what has occurred he plans to capture the Kate's and turn them into permanent test subjects!

Repli-Kate was exactly the pure mindless cornball humor I was looking for. For this type of film the acting isn't half bad and story wise the plot is quite good, it even manages to throw in a little moral to the story. Of course the reason most people (mainly men) would probably watch this because of the stunningly beautiful Ali Landry. I'm surprised her career has only added up to a few direct to DVD teen comedies and some numerous television bit parts, she's definitely got the look and is a pretty decent actress. But if your looking to see this film I'm sure acting isn't on your mind, so rest assured there are plenty of scenes with Ali in her underwear prancing around... plenty! Overall, Repli-Kate ends up being a fun little diversion worth checking out if your a guy into cloning hot chicks.


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