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Mid Week Reminder - An Obligatory Post of the Week 7

It's back! Yes that obligatory post that's here simply because I didn't have enough time, energy or care to do a proper review.  Wondering what happened to Twilight Zone Tuesday?  Well the two of you that clicked on last weeks review will be happy to know it's still around and will probably show up on Thursday this week.  Speaking of theme week it's time to share last weeks ratings.  Just like a television station I'll be posting the weekly ratings of each themed day and at the end of the month the day that couldn't seem to cut the mustard in terms of readership will face cancellation, and another theme will replace it.  So if you like a particular theme and it's tanking faster than Justin Bieber on Jeopardy, you better get the word out.  Now due to over scheduling I had to cancel Seagal Sunday, which was doomed from the get go, and Requested Review Wednesday sadly didn't even get a chance but lets take a look at those remaining.

Below is a nice pie graph depicting the turnout for each themed day, this only depicts the individual themed posts not the other hits I received on other reviews during that particular day, and Sean Connery Sunday is not included in this graph. All stats are based on unique views.
So as you can see Hammer Friday was the victor overall, which I found a little surprising.  Even more surprising was the rise in views I received for related Hammer and Helga Line reviews during the week which rose significantly.  Here's how the graph changes when I add up all the unique views on all hits during the week related to the themes.
I must say I'm very pleased that Hammer and Helga Line are receiving the most love, but we'll have to see how well this carries through to this week.  If you happened to miss any of last weeks reviews check them out via the links below.
Twilight Zone Tuesday - Season 1 Episode 6: Escape Clause

Also coming up this week I'll be closing up 26 Days of Russell Crowe with a brief review of Russell Crowe's entire filmography and my Top 10 Russell Crowe films.

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