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Tag... I'm it again.  Seems like the recent craze of "blogger awards" continue to pop it's ugly head up every month or so.  While the idea is nice the creativity behind these so called Meme's is beginning to become sorely lacking.  I've done three of these already in the last year and they've all centered around the person receiving the recognition to list 7 - 10 things about themselves, or some movie related tastes.  While that's fun the first two times it's more so annoying the 4th time, and so while the originators of these almost online chain letters seem to only be capable of copying everyone else and slap a different name on it I'm going to be a little different and therefore truely represent the title of "versatile" blogger.

So here are the rules (of which none I will follow)
  1. Thank the person who gave you this award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award along to 15 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reasons! (in no particular order)
  4. Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.
Univarn tagged me on this one again, after I'm quite certain he agreed he no longer would, so thanks for nothing! ;)

In terms of 7 things about myself here's where I switch it up a bit.  I'll share one thing about myself which encompasses 7 items or in this case 7 artists.  In recent similar posts I've stated my love of British Pop music, so in this list will feature my favorite 7 British Pop artists or groups in alphabetical order, and therefore shall probably alienate most of you who are not into British Pop music, leaving me and Dezmond of Hollywood Spy to discuss until the cows come home.  Enjoy!

1. Lily Allen
Lily Allen got her big break posting her songs on Myspace, eventually signing a record deal and blowing up in Europe, even eventually finding an audience here in the States.  The main reason I like Allen and British Pop music in general is she's got a unique flavor, something you'll never find in America.  Most Americanized pop music like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears all relies on a catchy beat and one catchy phrase that is repeated twenty times.

2. Girls Aloud
One thing you don't find a lot of over here in America is girl groups (at least not any good ones), British Pop music is filled with girl groups and the most successful and popular is Girls Aloud.  A group that was formed as part of a reality television show and took off from there.  Not only are these girls smoking hot but they can really sing.  I think I first came across them on Pandora, and immediately picked up all their albums.  My favorite of the girls is Sarah (the blonde). Girls Aloud is more of your typical catchy Pop songs, but nearly all their songs are incredibly well written and enjoyable which sets them apart from most single hit Pop groups.

3. Jem
Jem is a Welsh singer I also stumbled across via Pandora.  She's another Pop singer with her own unique flavor.  The best thing I can compare her to in America is KT Tunstall, sort of a folk pop feel.

4. Kylie Minogue
Most people are probably familiar with Kylie, she's essentially the British equivalent of Madonna (although she's actually Australian and the best selling Australian artist). She's been around for a long time in the British Pop world and had a brief success in America back in 2002, but you don't hear much about her anymore here.  Still she appears to be going strong in Europe.  Personally I've never really gotten into her music much, but the few songs I have heard I've enjoyed.

5. S Club 7
S Club 7 was my first introduction to British Pop music back in 2000.  Assembled by Simon Fuller (responsible for The Spice Girls and American Idol) S Club 7 was a pretty popular boy/girl group who even had a television series that aired on the then Fox Family channel for about four years.  The show was incredibly campy and I'll even admit most of their music was pure bubble gum Pop, but for some reason I got sucked in.  Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine which introduced me to the world of British Pop music.

6. Rachel Stevens
If I had to rank my favorite British Pop artists Rachel Stevens would be at the top of the list.  A former member of the Pop group S Club 7 Rachel has released two solo albums which in my opinion epitomize British Pop.  Unfortunately her albums didn't appear to receive as much appreciation in Europe, although she still remains the most popular and successful member of the now disbanded group.

7. Amy Winehouse
Finally we come to the artist most known in America as the butt of consistent drug jokes.  Yes, Amy Winehouse is a complete mess and could probably have a phenomenal career if she got her life together because man can she sing.  Winehouse is really more of a mix of classic R&B and Jazz than Pop, she's got a distinct and unique voice that really sets her apart from anyone else.  Hopefully she'll get her act together and start putting out some new music.

So that's my contribution to the new edition of the recycle meme craze.  For the one or two of you (mainly Dezmond) who share my love of British Pop music feel free to voice your thoughts on my selections.  I'm not going to bother tagging anyone else because in the past I've discovered most of the people have already been tagged or didn't bother following through once they were.  So if you haven't done one of these and would like to then consider yourself tagged.  And next time I get tagged with another one of these I'll think of another top 7 list to do.

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  1. ah, I must agree with you that most of those awards are very impersonal and you get an impression that people don't really give them out with love. You know that's the reason why I have my own personal awards given out each January :) instead of passing out these generic ones, although I love receiving them :)

    Oh, if you love Lily Allen you must listen to her new collaboration with PROFESSOR GREEN - "Just Be Good To Green" it's very catchy.
    But I must also admit, I don't generally like most of the British singers like Lily, Amy, Little Boots, since they are all a bit too impolite and rebellious (without a cause) for my taste. I prefer Leona Lewis to them.

    Kylie also has a new song with a stunning new video ALL THE LOVERS.

    By the way I'd love to hear what you think about the new band I really got to love these days - HURTS and their new hit single BETTER THAN LOVE (

  2. You can also check out DUFFY from Wales (Rain On My Parade -, Ellie Goulding (Starry Eyed - and Adele (Cold Shoulder -

  3. @Dezmond - Just Be Good To Green is not bad, I'm not really into rap though. And who is 'Little Boots'?

    I've got Duffy's cd, I like a few songs on it a lot but as a whole I didn't think it was anything special. I like some of Adele's stuff too, but when I listened to clips of her album online, there weren't a lot that really grabbed my attention.

  4. I hate rap too. Little Boots is also some British singer. They promote a new singer each week, and none of them survives the second album.

    So, Cheryl finally made it into your SONG OF THE WEEK :) My song of the week is MARCHIN ON from ONE REPUBLIC.

  5. @Dezmond - actually this is my first time doing a "song of the week" so she has the honor of being the first, really like the song too, my favorite on her album.


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