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New Feature - High Definition Reviews

Here at Common Sense Movie Reviews we pride ourselves on bringing a large amount of visual stimulation to every review.  We feel it not only helps in describing whats being written but looks quite slick akin to plain old text and even may encourage people to read the entire review / post where they might normally skip past a wordy post.  I know personally I'm more likely to read something online that contains visuals rather than simply five plus paragraphs of text.  

Most of this site's pictures are screen captured directly from the DVD of the film that was reviewed, then edited and adjusted to fit appropriately and visually pleasing within each review, but I've ran into a few snags, some films I only have a Blu-ray copy of and finding images on the web that go with certain reviews is a chore (especially TV show reviews which I use a lot of images).  Unfortunately capturing Blu-ray / high def images isn't as easy as it is with DVD, it's a hassle, but after some research and testing I've finally done it and for a small amount of reviews I will be presenting you with full HD screen captures, free of cropping, editing, re-sizing and adjusting!  Of course the images will be scaled down to fit within the site's template but by clicking on the images you can view them in their full HD glory. But even as scaled down images I believe they certainly have a certain POP! to them that the standard def caps simply couldn't achieve.  So hopefully you'll enjoy this enhancement, again it's not going to be the new standard here, but anytime I review something that I own in high definition I'll use HD images!  The first HD review will be posted shortly, I hope you enjoy!

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