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Barbara Bouchet: A Filmography In Review

IMPORTANT NOTE: This series has moved and is being continued on our new website Voluptuous Vinyl

Almost one year ago I took on the task of watching and reviewing the entire Russell Crowe film catalog from Gladiator to the early Crowe films most of you never knew existed.  To call that endeavor a success would be an understatement.  Aside from simply being a fun adventure into the film career of my favorite actor and finally providing me the opportunity to see a lot of Crowe films I'd never seen before, a year later I'm still getting a large chunk of daily traffic off that series!  This time around I'm stepping it up choosing a task that very well may be impossible to fully complete by choosing an actress whose majority of films are not only in Italian but pretty difficult to find. 

This endeavor is going to be a little more long term than the Russell Crowe marathon, as not only does this actress have nearly four decades of films but I also plan on doing a few other related extras to go along.  For that reason there is no specified completion date, this will simply be an ongoing series like the Hammer or Giallo series, so I will not be devoting every post to it, essentially this will be a new section added to the menu bar of the site and updated as I have the time available.  So those of you who aren't interested rest assured I'll still be posting a variety of other reviews as time permits.  As with the Russell Crowe series my main drive for doing this is to push me to sit down a watch some films I've been wanting to watch for a long while, I'm looking forward to this series, and while Bouchet isn't widely known to most there's a little bit of everything in her to career to interest everyone.

Table of Contents

The Answer's Angel Entry - contains bio, list of films and my ratings. (Updated 01/18/15)

Missing films - as I stated above a lot of these films are not easily attainable, below is a list of films I've had trouble finding (it's actually shorter than I expected).  Any help on where to buy or download the following films would be much appreciated.
  • Cerca di capirmi (1970)
  • Cosi vanno le cose (2008)
  • Giallio? (2009)

The Films - a breakdown of each film and TV appearance, with a brief excerpt from the review, the rating, and a link to the full review. (Updated 4/29/13)
The Posters - collection of film posters from all the reviewed films. (Updated 1/19/15)
The Covers - all the magazine covers I can find featuring Barbara Bouchet! (Updated 10/6/12)

The Pic of the Week - I've scoured the bowels of the internet to bring you my favorite pics and a few rare ones!

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