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Barbara Bouchet: The Covers

After winning the "Miss Gidget" beauty contest in 1959 Barbara Bouchet went on to model for magazine covers and TV Commercials before her acting career really began to blossom.  Even as an actress Bouchet was featured on the cover of countless magazines all over the world.  An interesting fact about foreign magazines, on many occasions the individual on the cover wasn't even featured in the magazine but simply a lure for the customer to purchase, such is the case with many of the below magazines. This posting will be updated with new covers sporadically.

Asian Magazines - Probably the rarest covers are the Asian ones (most of which I believe are from Japan.  My favorite is easily the last one.

Cine Revue - France's version of the TV Guide.

Ilustrovana Politika & Radio TV Revija - rare covers of a now non-existent Yugoslavian magazine.

Nuevo Fotogramas - another magazine from Spain.  The first cover is probably one of my favorites of Barbara Bouchet, and another aggravating instance where she's only on the cover!

Parade - a UK pinup magazine, cover looks like the same photo-shoot was used for one of the Asian magazines above.

Tempo - an Italian magazine.

Town - a UK magazine, also extremely rare to find, all the issues seem to fetch pretty high prices on eBay.  I managed to luck out and find a copy of this, looks amazing framed.

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  1. "ndividual on the cover wasn't even featured in the magazine" beautiful women will draw you in every time.


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