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What a Way to Go! (1964)

What A Way To Go! offers another early Barbara Bouchet appearance (again only a few seconds), that is jam packed with A-list actors of the 1960's.  Shirley MacLaine stars as Louisa a small town country girl whose pressured most of her young life to meet and marry someone rich, like local Crawley's department store tycoon Leonard Crawley (Dean Martin).  But Lousia isn't concerned with money, she only cares about love something she has absolutely none of for Leonard.  She ends up going against her mother's wishes and marrying the local loser Edgar Hopper (Dick Van Dyke) who owns a small store but only runs it a couple hours a week.  With Edgar she feels she's guaranteed the simple life, which is all she really wants, but she's soon going to find out she's cursed and that everything she touches turns to gold.

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