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Barbara Bouchet: Picture of the Week #9

This week's photo is another one of my favorites.  It's a fairly rare publicity photo for the horrible James Bond spoof film Casino Royale.  Barbara Bouchet had a limited role as Moneypenny, and couldn't save the film for me from being completely boring.  It's a hot picture, unfortunately she never wears that costume in the film (might have made the film worth it if she had) so obviously it was used to fill theater seats, short of like Raquel Welch's photos for Hannie Caulder.  It's also worth noting that a lot of people get Barbara Bouchet mixed up with Joanna Pettet (who played Mata Bond) I've lost count how many times I've seen people posting or selling photos from Casino Royale with Pettet in the Indian headdress and "I Dream of Jeanie" outfit and claiming it's Barbara Bouchet, that's Pettet not Bouchet.

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