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Morsels of Monica #2

Monica's style is a combination of Mediterranean glamor and sensuality.   But of course like many stunning actresses Bellucci wanted to be known for more than simply her looks, although it's something she'll seemingly never escape.  But the days of cinema where the actress solely plays the role of the film's eye candy or pin-up girl are quite the thing of the past, and Bellucci understood the need to strike a balance between her sensuality and the growth of the female film characters who had more to say, and wanted to take a more active role and not simply be an object that is watched.

In 1991 Bellucci headlined her first feature film titled La Riffa, the story of a women who loses her husband in a car accident, and being unable to find work begins a private lottery with all the entrants paying $350,000 a piece and the winner given the opportunity to live with her for four years.  La Riffa was a relative failure that not even the beauty and personality of Bellucci could save, but unlike most models who try their hand at acting and seemingly fail Bellucci wasn't about to give in.  Her next film Ostinato destino (Destiny obstinate) is also a commercial failure, yet the title seems to foreshadow the actresses intended will to succeed no matter what.  
To be successful, takes a lot of talent and sacrifice, a great capacity for work and will to make things better and improve, if possible. - Monica Bellucci

Information for Morsels of Monica is obtained through a very loose French to English translation of the book Monica Bellucci by Roberto Frini.

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