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The Mummy (1999)

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Adventure films are a dime a dozen, everyone makes them and for the most part they're all exactly the same. But there are a few adventure films that will forever stand the test of time and go down in history as the greatest films of their genre... The Mummy is one of those films.

The film begins with Imhotep, high priest to the pharaoh. Buried alive because of his love affair with the pharaoh’s mistress, Imhotep vows that his death will only be the beginning, he would return to resurrect his love and revoke vengeance on the world. That's exactly what happens thousands of years later when a group of treasure hunters awaken Imhotep and release on themselves the curse of the mummy. Imhotep brings with him the plagues of Egypt as he tracks down those who were responsible for his revival and consumes their organs to restore his fleshly body.

Now it's all up a small group of adventurers lead by Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) to find away to destroy the creature before he totally restore himself and prepare to take reign over the land. The Mummy is one of the few films that I liked enough to see in the theaters three times, other than Spider-man no other film has warranted as many paid viewings. What makes this film so great is it is the first film since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to bring back true classic, enjoyable adventure. It's a version of Indiana Jones I've always wanted and never got, and the only thing that could have made this film better would be Indiana Jones as the hero.

Always being intrigued by Egyptology and at one period in time wanted to go into archaeology, this film became an instant classic for me especially when films in this setting are quite rare. Brendan Fraser is not necessarily the best actor for the role of the films hero, but it works, and Fraser manages to pull off an entertaining performance and it's by far one of his best roles, but I'd still take Harrison Ford over Fraser.

This film also highly boosted the career of Rachel Weisz, who before The Mummy was a very unknown actress. She plays Evie, a half British, half Egyptian librarian whose been immersed in the history of Egypt her entire life. When she hears about the location of the City of the Dead, and the chance to find the Book of Amen Ra, she jumps at the chance to find such an historical artifact that had anyways intrigued her. Weisz puts forth a worthy performance, had very good chemistry with Fraser, and is extremely easy on the eyes, which makes for a perfect damsel in distress.

Overall, The Mummy is non-stop action and adventure, a great story, with witty humor, an awesome cast, great music, costumes, sets, locations, and most importantly... high re-watchability. On my list of the greatest adventure films of all-time this would rank right below the Indiana Jones Trilogy, why they never made a film with Indiana Jones diving through the pyramids or even a Tomb Raider film like this for that matter, is a mystery. But it's definitely left it's mark on the genre and will always be one of my favorites.



  1. Oh, I'm now kinda in love with this review :)) Everybody knows I adore THE MUMMY and often dream about more movies following that old Hollywood rule of movies being pure fan and glamorous entertainment. THE MUMMY is the kind of film I love movies and HOLLYWOOD so much.
    Stephen Sommers really had a lot of fun making it, and I didn't find a single mistake in the film.
    I also loved THE MUMMY RETURNS. Especially the famous sword cat-fight :)

  2. @Dezmond - Did not know you loved The Mummy, so do I ;) The Mummy Returns is fun but no where near as enjoyable as this one. I always hate when they add a kid to the storyline, always camps things up even more. Never saw the 3rd film but I heard it was pretty horrible.

  3. Well, then you obviously haven't read the list of my favourite movies and actors over in my profile here :))
    Yes, I don't like sugaring movies with kids either.

    I had to watch the third installment, but I knew it wouldn't be that good since it wasn't directed by Sommers. It wasn't bad, and I would never call it horrible, since it had some legendary scenes, like the Yeti fight over in the snow covered Himalayas. But the whole story didn't have the typical Sommers' charm and his amazing eye for all the little details which make a great movie.

  4. I agree completely! "The Mummy" is one of my favorite movies of all time. It often gets accused of being an Indiana Jones ripoff, but it isn't. It is one of the best adventure movies ever made, and the characters are some of my all-time favorite characters, especially Evey. 10/10 for me too.


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