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Blades of Glory (2007)

Originally Reviewed
  Thursday May 15, 2008

There's no better combination of typecast comedy actors than Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. Ferrell always plays the loud mouth, hyper hot-head who believes he's God's gift to women, and Heder always plays the wuss who is constantly getting his butt kicked and made to look the fool. Put that together with male figure skating and you esentially have Blades Of Glory, another mediocre attempt at comedy from two actors who almost make the likes of Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller look like geniuses.

Ferrell plays Chazz Michael Michaels and Heder is Jimmy MacElroy, two of the best figure skaters in the world who get banned from the sport after an altercation that strips them of their medals and ruins their lives. But that's all about to change when they discover a loop hole in the regulations. While they are banned from singles skating they can still participate in pairs figure skating. But can the two mortal enemies who are constantly trying to out perform each other truly work together as a team to win the gold as the first ever male pair skating team?

I like Heder, I thought he was hilarious in Napoleon Dynamite but since then he's been grasping at straws with one mediocre film after another. Ferrell is plain annoying as usual, he showed he had some talent in Stranger Than Fiction but besides that it's been one crackpot comedy after another. Blades Of Glory is nothing new for these two; it's mildly entertaining, majorly stupid and at times down right absurd. The introduction of the film is by far the best, but it quickly loses steam and becomes very forgettable. Fans of Ferrell's past projects might get a kick out of this but it's probably too tame for his typical hardcore fan-base that seems to enjoy his more vulgar comedies, although Blades Of Glory straddles the line at times. Overall, minimal laughs and the usual cast of characters aren't enough for me to recommend this.



  1. I never watch comedies from silly comedians such aer Ferrell, Jack Black and similar ... so I've found myself watching this one, totally accidentally, I think it was broadcast one late night around New Year holidays and I couldn't sleep so I started watching it. It was weird, awkward, strange... everything but funny. I just don't get Ferrell, and I don't think I ever will. I kept watching the movie because the topic and the setting was so unusual, but I can't say I enjoyed it.

  2. @Completely agree. I think, "It was weird, awkward, strange... everything but funny" describes about every Will Ferrell film. Stranger Than Fiction is a good one though, it's pretty much Ferrell's own Truman Show, you might like that if you liked Jim Carrey's Truman

  3. Favorite part of this movie: The credits. Everything leading up to that felt like a waste of time and effort :).

  4. @Univarn - I don't know if I should humor you and laugh at that or simply roll my eyes. I think you've been watching too much Craig Ferguson.

  5. Risking to be clashed and destroyed by Uni, I must admit I still have no idea whatsoever who Craig Ferguson is, although Uni still cherishes a hope that he has introduced me to his work and career :)))

    Answer, I'm not into Carrey either, although he at least knows how to be funny sometimes.

  6. @Dezmond - Craig Ferguson is the late night host whose on after David Letterman, essentially Jimmy Fallon's late night competition on CBS. He's pretty funny, but he's also insanely corny. Univarn's comment about the credits being the best part is something Ferguson would say. I think Univarn mirrors his humor after Ferguson, which would explain some of the stuff he begins his Monday Corners with.

  7. Answer, I do know who Ferguson is, I was just joking with Uni :)

  8. :) As for the Craig Ferguson mirroring, aye. We have very similar, high cheese, factors in our humor. Not to mention a couple of our re-occuring jokes are practically the same. I used to joke on facebook all the time adding Legend of Curley's Gold to possible sequels, then when I watched Ferguson and he did the same thing I felt like I had found my comedic jedi master :P.

    Granted, I'm no where near as funny. Not even close :). That assumes I'm funny to begin with.


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