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Love in Limbo (1993)

Love In Limbo is undoubtedly another Russell Crowe film you've never seen and probably never heard of, and after this review that probably won't change, because simply put it's not a good film.  A few days ago I reviewed an unknown film set in the 1950's called Book of Love, Love In Limbo is essentially that film set in Australia in the 1950's with a few minor, unimportant differences.

As has been my major complaint with most comedies set in the 1950's they all seem to be based on one thing, sex.  And when sex is the surrounding plot of a comedy, don't expect much of a story.  Like its American counterparts, Love In Limbo's sole success is an awesome track of classic 50's music, everything else is simply a jumbled mess of mediocre characters who never add up to much of a worth while story, and for a comedy are rarely funny.  As I stated in Book of Love, it's really quite pointless for me to bother summarizing this film, because it truly is no different than any other teen comedy set in the 1950's, this simply happens to be set and filmed in Australia and has a very minor appearance by Russell Crowe.

Russell plays an uptight nerd who works with the main character, he's got a thick Scottish accent and a wild eyed look.  He's by far the most entertaining character in the film, yet his role is so minor and limited that the character hardly gets a lot of time to develop, still he manages to deliver most, if not all, of the film's comedy.  It's definitely a different role for Russell but not something worth running out and buying the film for.  Overall, I'm sorry to be so blunt and brief with this review but there's not much to say about Love In Limbo.  If cookie cutter teen comedies set in the 1950's is your thing then Love In Limbo is worth a look.  If you're in the same boat as I am and find the lot of these films mundane, repetitious and mediocre then don't bother searching for this one.  And for Russell Crowe fans it's another film not worth checking solely for Russell.



  1. wait - you gave limbo a better score than you gave hammers?
    russell's accent in this film is welsh, not scottish - he was doing an hommage thing for anthony hopkins and richard burton.
    i do hope you'll enjoy 'for the moment' better than the last two, for your sanity's sake!

  2. @becks - Yea I know he's Welsh, but I purposely wrote Irish because frankly they sound the same to me, and really, no offense to the Welsh, but is there a difference between a Welshes American accent and an Irish's? And I think most people would understand more what his accent sounded like by me saying Irish.

  3. I would've never imagined Russ as a virgin. Really cute - some of his expressions are so funny! Ooooh, and you get to hear him sing "Amazing Grace". :)


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