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Masters of Horror - John Landis: Deer Woman (2005)

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Friday April 6, 2007

Browsing through Netflix's selections of "watch now" movies I came across Deer Woman, which sounded fairly interesting at the time.  Turned out to be quite possibly the worst film I have ever seen!

Deer Woman is part of a Masters of Horror series, which I believe was originally aired on Showtime, so the film is only about an hour long, which is honestly about an hour too long. The plot of the film surrounds a cop trying to solve a string of unusual murders in which men are found beaten to a pulp. As it turns out its all the work of a beautiful woman who lures men into her grasp and then stomps them to death with her feet, which are deer feet... no I'm not making this up! It reminded me of an extremely bad X-Files rip off where you have some sort of mythical creature that goes around killing people. It's even complete with its very own version of Mulder who is looked at by his colleagues as rather nutty due to his supernatural theories.  But compared to even the worst X-Files episode Deer Woman is complete crap!

The acting in is utterly horrendous, it really seems like the creators went into a little country town and cast the locals, I haven't seen worse acting. The deer woman is played by a model named Cinthia Moura, its clear she wasn't cast for her acting abilities since she had no lines and appeared in only about ten minutes of the film. The story was completely ridiculous and so corny that I don't know how they managed to pass this off as a horror film.  Take my advice and don't waste your time on this one, after the first 10 minutes I had already given up and finished it off on fast forward... trust me it only got worse! I can't believe this actually received an average rating of 3 out of 5 from Netflix viewers, they obviously have more time on their hands than any person should have to sit through this and enjoy it. I give it a 1 simply because it wasn't as awful as Ellie Parker and at least they did one thing right and cast a hot chick as the creature, although I think this is one role she'll want to leave off her resume. 


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