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Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus (1965)

When it comes to B-movies money is the number one key.  It's all based on the turn around, how much bang can you get for your buck and how fast can you churn out a film and re-coop that money, hoping for a slight profit.  Actually that probably sums up the movie industry as a whole, but it's still a little more noticeable when it comes to B-movies, especially with a film like Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus where the entire cast of Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon were simply re-used to film another film as entirely different characters.

Rock Stevens is back this time as strong man Goliath.  He's been called by King Selim to help him reconquer Damascus.  On the way to see the King, Goliath comes upon the aftermath of an attack with the only survivor being Selim's Officer.  They were escorting the King's daughter, Myriam, to be married to the son of a neighboring King, it was to be the bond of a powerful alliance between their two people.  She was kidnapped by a notorious group of blood thirsty nomads in an attempt to start a war between the two tribes and hinder Selim's reconquering of Damascus.  Goliath is sent in to infiltrate this group, become one of the members and provide Selim with inside information to expose them and rescue his daughter.

In terms of overall quality there is absolutely no difference between Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus and the film that came before it with the same cast, Hercules and the Tyrants of BabylonGoliath at the Conquest of Damascus has quite a few more action sequences, and has quite a few overly corny comedic moments to it but still I found myself quickly becoming bored and uninterested.  Blame it on the mediocre story, or simply the fact that this film is the same as the one I watched a few weeks ago, only wrapped in a different wrapper.  Helga Line's performance is minimal compared to her role in the previous film she's not playing as dynamic or as interesting a character, probably another reason why I found this slow and plodding.  Overall, Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus is a pass unless your a fanatic for Sword and Sandal films.


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